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  • IPTV Ultra TV offers Annual service from €4.16 per month (When paid annually)
  • Fully Configured TV Box with service From €114.99 (TV box and 1 month service) 
  • Fully Assisted Video Set Up Via Whatsapp.
  • ONLINE SUPPORT 0900 -2100
Ultra TV


Service 1

UK, Irealnd, USA, Canada. SD, HD FHD. Thousands of movies and box sets , €10 per month or €60 per year . our bargain service. ultra tv
From €4.16 per month if paid annually
  • Over 5000 movies in English
  • Thousands of box sets
  • UK, Ireland, USA, Canada TV - SD, HD, FHD
  • All top sport channels & Pay Per View
  • Live football including 3pm KOs
  • Live football including 3pm KOs

Service 2

UK - With full catch up, Ireland, USA, Canada. SD, HD, & FHD. Thousands of movies and box sets , €15 per month or €80 per year
From €6.66 per month. Paid annually
  • Over 10000 blockbuster movies in English
  • Thousands of box sets
  • Every Tv Channel from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada - SD, HD, FHD
  • Amazon prime
  • Netflix
  • Disney plus
  • UK Catch up
  • Live football including 3pm KOs
  • USA Sports - NFL, NBA, MLS, NHL, MLB
  • Ireland - GAA
Service 3
All TV Channels worldwide See our info sheet for countries. Over 15000 movies in multi language €16 per month or €100 per year
Per month. Paid annually
  • Over 15000 movies in multi language
  • 10000 Worldwide TV Channels - 100+ countries
  • All Live Sport
  • All PPV
  • Scandinavian channels
  • All European TV
  • All Asian TV
  • Tv From the Australias
  • South American TV


More than 10,000 premium & normal Live TV Channels on 3 different platforms
In Addition to, more than 18,000 VOD (Movies & TV Shows)
Second, there is no extra costs, just the IPTV Subscription Fees & a TV box if you need one
Furthermore, we have very stable IPTV Services. from our UK, USA and Canadian TV only service, out UK, USA & Canadian service with movies, box set as catch up tv to our huge worldwide TV service with over 11000 channels and 30000 movies and box sets, we have you covered for whatever you require.
Third, our high Bandwidth IPTV servers to ensure stability and no Freezing IPTV Service.
We really care about our customers satisfaction.
We provide the best IPTV Subscription prices.
Make Ultra TV your Trusted IPTV Provider.
Furthermore, it works on any IPTV Device.
Competitive IPTV prices.
Our best selling subscription is our 1 year service, but we can also offer 1,3 & 6 month subscriptions.
We have the best apps available, you can also use your own apps as well as being able to watch through a browser In addition to, supporting STB and STB Emulator.
Last but not least, we have friendly Customer Service & Live Chat.

Ultra TV - Ultra TV

Iptv Smart TV Subscription

New Technology

Means New Facilities And New Lifestyle Changes. Gone Are The Days When People Used Cable Or Satellite Systems To Watch Their TV Shows. Today Is The Era Of IPTV. We At ULTRA TV Have Finally Mastered A System That Is Compatible With All Types Of Devices And Lets You Stream Your Favorite Shows Any And Everywhere. Just Download The App And Watch Your Tv Shows On Phones, Tv, Computers And OS. Connect The Internet And Watch Tv Shows From More Than 100 Countries, Enjoy 10000+ Shows Without Any Freezing Or Stuttering.

Ultra TV

As Well As

Our outstanding UK, Irish, USA & Canadian content you can get Live TV Channels & VOD with very high quality from all over the world! ULTRA TV provides premium Live TV channels from around the world in just one IPTV subscription, including Arabic USA Canada Germany UK Latino Romania Spain South Africa Ireland Thailand Italia Austria Brazil Bulgaria China Colombia Czech Finland Hungary Iran Israel France Belgium Luxembourg Netherlands Japan Macedonia Malaysia Malta Norway Poland Russia Singapore Slovenia Sweden Switzerland Vietnam Albania Portugal Greece India Pakistan Turkish, and many other countries.

Ask us about availability and a free trial

IP television is built on the data transmission technology adopted on the open Internet. The difference lies in the fact that:

  • IPTV is a closed system, the provider of which provides a number of services to subscribers to provide access to media content. One of the reasons for the closed nature of the system is the need for copyright protection.
  • Content is provided as a package of radio and TV channels. For services outside the package, a separate fee will be charged.
  • The range and quality of services depends on the configuration of the provider’s head server and set-top box decoder on the user’s side.

Conventionally, IPTV can be compared with cable TV, but IPTV technology has added the ability to connect IP telephony and / or the Internet via one incoming cable, as well as use three types of transmission: Unicast; Broadcast and Multicast for increased system flexibility.

How does IPTV work?

The process of forming program packages is carried out at the IPTV head station using satellite and / or wire communication. At the same time, agreements are concluded with content owners (content providers), which are all UK, Irish, USA & Canadian or regional TV channels, owners of film libraries and foreign satellite TV and radio channels. The head server accepts the paid channels, recodes them into its own encryption system and sends them to the clients by the appropriate type of transmission through one or more routers of the distribution network. Further routing is performed by border routers (hubs) of the core network. IPTV service provides live broadcast of the corresponding channel with signal processing delay.


The unicast type of transmission provides for the service of a specific user. With a large number of clients, the load on transport networks, server and routers increases. It is used in the VoD (Video on Demand) format – individual services or by ordering individual channels, programs or films.


The broadcast type of transmission organization ensures that one packet is shown to all users. The package includes popular news, sports and other channels with a variety of specializations. To determine the number of users viewing specific channels, there is a content management system on the head server that analyzes traffic and generates an IPTV playlist with a list of active channels. IPTV providers often publish free listings in order to promote their server (brand) or broadcast channel. For this reason, free playlist lists quickly lose their relevance.

The problem of using free channels from a playlist may arise on the user’s side when connecting to a TV through a set-top box (decoder), if your provider does not decode this playlist on its server. User devices with independent Internet access can use without restrictions. To do this, you need to download a file with the * .m3u extension and run it on the device using the player in accordance with your operating system and preferences. A solution to this problem is to connect the TV via Wi-Fi or via a wire with HDMI, DVI-D or DVI-I connectors to a device with an Internet connection, which is available for Smart systems or using a digital signal processing unit (active adapter).


Multicast is based on defining a group of users who use a single packet. In this case, the head server directs one media stream to the distributor router, which is distributed to the entire user group by the border routers. Clients with a different packet receive their channel set through the same routers but with a different IP address. This arrangement reduces the load on the head server and the network distributor router.