Fast speed and smooth performance, Which is designed to turn your regular TV into a smart one

UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, SD, HD FHD. Thousand of movies and box sets, €10 per month or €60 per year. Our bargain service.

Premium Service

UK with full catch up , Ireland, USA, Canada, SD, HD FHD. Thousand of movies and box sets, €15 per month or €80 per year. Amazing qulaity – Amazing price

All TV channels worldwide over 10000 channels from over 100 countries. Over 25000 movies in multi language €16 per month or €100 per year

Our Premium Service

UK with full catch up , Ireland, USA, Canada, SD, HD FHD. Thousand of movies and box sets, €15 per month or €80 per year.
Amazing qulaity – Amazing price

...Our TV Boxes

...Our TV Boxes. 2 Versions. The 2GB RAM And 16GB ROM And 4GB RAM And 32GB ROM

Run on Android 10.0 OS, Perfect in productivity, stability, and performance, along with various features and optimization. 4K * 2K output provides you high definition viewing and fluent video playing, making it the highest resolution signal available for home movies. 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM and 4GB RAM and 32GB ROM, providing plentiful room for smooth high-speed data processing and storage
Supports 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi, stable, and fast WiFi signals. BT 4.0 supports wireless connectivity, allowing it to quickly connect to BT devices.

Winter Special!

* Ultra TV offers Annual service from €4.16 per month (When paid annually)
* Fully Configured TV Box with service From €114.99 (TV box and 1 month service)
* Fully Assisted Video Set Up Via Whatsapp.
* ONLINE SUPPORT 0900 -2100

Bluetooth Remote

Bluetooth Remote Control Smart Remote Controller

1. Built-in Gyroscope: This air mouse can sense changes in direction and speed, so you can directly move in the air to control it
2. Ergonomic Design: This curved design on the back of the air mouse is very suitable for your palm, providing a comfortable handled experience
3. Easy to use: 17-key Air mouse, easy to control the volume, page up/down, left/right, etc. You can just sit on the sofa and enjoy it

Why Buy Your TV Box From Us?....

  1. 1-year full no quibble warranty
  2. Our full remote access service included! – If you’ve got a problem yes, we’ll solve it! Our cutting-edge remote access service allows us to connect to your tv box and resolve any issues you may have! This service is included for the lifetime of your service contract. No additional fees…. EVER!
  3. Our boxes are stress tested at least twice before they are custom built for you. This means it is highly unlikely (Not impossible) that you will get a faulty box. We go the extra mile so you enjoy your user experience from the moment you unpack your device.
  4. We know what makes our
    boxes tick. That means quick fixes when you need it, superior viewing experiences and TV heaven
  5. You know it makes sense!

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